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International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) exists to meet physical and spiritual needs amidst natural crises. Based in Indiana, IDES goes all over the country and the world to provide disaster response, emergency care and hunger relief, all with the purpose of practically showing and verbally sharing the love of Jesus!

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Continue to pray for their efforts of not only helping communities who have been wrecked by natural disasters, but also pray for many emergency response efforts across the world because of the Pandemic.

Talent: Volunteers who want to help at a disaster site can register by Clicking Here. We also utilize people for SHED builds and Food Packing.

Treasure: Click Here to give to IDES. They are looking to raise $150,000 for Turkana Farms in Kenya to create food stability in these minimal-income areas.

More Questions about IDES?

Email Pastor Amado

International Conference on Missions (ICOM) is an annual convention held in Indiana that recruits individual missionaries and equips churches to focus on mission work outside of their local community.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Click Here to learn about the specific Prayer Needs of ICOM.

Talent: Learn more about the short term and long term opportunities to be trained in or help train those who desire to do mission work.

Treasure: Click Here to give to ICOM.

Lincoln Christian University (LCU) is a Christian higher education community whose mission is to nurture and equip Christians with a Biblical worldview to serve and lead in the church and the world.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray for a specific floor of college students who are going into full-time Christian Ministry.

Talent: Send care packages to various students this fall during different times of the semester.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Lincoln.

More Questions about ICOM?

Email Pastor Brett

More Questions about Lincoln?

Email Sherry Miller

Non-Financial Partners

Beyond Words (BW) is a national movement connecting predominately white and black church congregations and leaders to engage in relationship building, race conversations and unifying Kingdom work. Pastor Kyle has a specific connection within BW with Pastor Troy Venning and Quinn Chapel AME, located in the heart of Chicago's South Loop.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray for the future relationships that will develop between these two churches as well as many churches across the nation in understanding and standing against injustice.

Talent: Participate in monthly zoom gatherings to learn and grow in your understanding of racial reconciliation.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Beyond Words.

More Questions about Beyond Words?

Email Pastor Kyle


Looking to find a place to connect through service at CCCH? Each of these ministries provides a place to volunteer with others while serving God and making a difference. Want to get involved?


We have several LOCAL ministries that need your help! See where you can come alongside of our LOCAL ministry partners and be a part of their unique mission that is impacting our community!


There are many organizations that we partner with across the United States. See how you can get involved in spreading and sharing the love of Jesus NATIONALLY!


We support important international missions that are close to our hearts and are changing the GLOBAL landscape for Jesus! See how you can offer support to these amazing groups and individuals.

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