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We Are Changing Our Name!

Why a Name Change?

Over the past 5 years, our church leadership has agreed on a need to move forward with a new name for our church. As Pastor Kyle shared in the video below, the reasons behind this change is to have a name that is simple, memorable, and represents the greater community we reach. Coming out of this pandemic season, we believe now is the time to move forward with this process as we re-introduce ourselves to our community. 

How are We Changing Our Name?

We believe this process will be best accomplished with everyone involved! Look at the list below to see how we are moving forward with this process throughout the summer.

1) CCCH Church Family submits new name ideas from May 23rd - June 27th (Click on the Link below to submit a name).

2) At the end of June, CCCH Pastors and Directors will sort through all the names and pick a top 6 - 8 names.

3) In July, Pastors and Directors will each talk with 5 - 6 people outside of CCCH to hear their thoughts about the top names.

4) In August, CCCH Pastors and Directors will discuss their findings and finalize a list of top 2 or 3 names.

5) After seeking input from other staff, elders and leaders, CCCH Pastors and Directors will finalize the name for the church. Pastor Kyle will announce the new name on Sunday, September 12th during the worship service.