Before registering for a Worship Service, there are many guidelines you need to read so that you are fully aware of the changes and expectations of our Sunday Morning Worship Experience. You can click on the box below to read our full "CCCH Inside In-Person Gathering Plan" as well as a list of common questions you may have about the plan.

We are excited to resume our inside, in-person worship services on Sunday, July 19th at 10am! For the first four weeks, we will be holding one service at 10am that will have a limit of 100 people in the Worship Center. This maximum number comes from the recommendation of a safe option of worshipping inside from the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH). You can CLICK HERE to view the entire document for churches from the IDPH as churches in Illinois have and continue to begin in-person, inside gatherings.


We know these inside, in-person worship experience will be different than it was in the past. However, we are excited to gather in this manner, believing that the many guidelines we are following to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are appropriate and sufficient. We are thankful in advance for your willingness to set aside some personal preferences and follow these guidelines in order to attend these inside, in-person worship services at CCCH! 

You will be able to register each person in your family for one service every two weeks in this first month of gathering inside. This will allow more people to attend despite the limited number of seats we will have available in this first month. So, you can register you and your family ONE TIME for either the July 19th or 26th service and ONE TIME for either the August 2nd or 9th service. Registration for the 19th or 26th will open on Wednesday, July 1st.

Along with worship services, groups of 25 or less will be able to start meeting in either the KidWorkz Studio or the Student Center at CCCH starting Monday, June 22nd. You can CLICK HERE to read our "CCCH Campus Limited Access Guidelines" so that you know the expectations we have for everyone who meets in out building as we look to stay safe and adhere to Illinois Department of Health guidelines for churches. If you would like to reserve one of these spaces for your group, click on the box below!

As the IDPH and CDC continue to give guidelines for safely gathering indoors, we want to make you aware of two safe suggestions for groups to meet inside and in-person. Number one- Life Groups and other church groups can meet in people's homes. We encourage you to continue to maintain social distancing, wear a mask, not share utensils if food is served, etc. whether you meet inside a person's home or outside in their yard. Number two- Watching the livestream service on a Sunday morning can be enjoyed in the company of others! It's a great opportunity to watch it with your friends from CCCH or even invite friends and neighbors to your home who are curious about church. With these two options available, we want to emphasize our desire for you to be safe and follow CDC and IDPH guidelines while you connect with people at home. You can click on the box below to read the full CDC guidelines for small, in-person gatherings in/on a home property

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