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More Questions about Safe Families?

Email Barb Vetter or Cindy Lilburn

More Questions about Reclaim 13?

Email Pastor Amado

More Questions about Sunshine Gospel?

Email Julie Smith

More Questions about Caring Network?

Email Dale Lilburn

Safe Families for Children surrounds families in crisis with a caring, compassionate community. As an organization, they host vulnerable children and create extended family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray that God would continue to provide Host Families for at-risk children and utilize our church to be a main resource for host families in DuPage County and beyond.

Talent: Learn more about becoming a Host Family and being a part of the team who provides various resources to host families.

Treasure: Click Here to give to our chapter of Safe Families.

"13" is the average age of entry into the commercial sex industry. Reclaim13's goal is to "reclaim" a child's right to grow up feeling safe, loved and free from harm. They work in the areas of healing, prevention and education in the Chicago area.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray for new staff and new programs as Reclaim 13 is beginning to help more vulnerable children and adults come out of sex trafficking.

Talent: Volunteer in one of the many roles within their emergency crisis teams. Serve at their 2021 "Cherish the Dream" Gala in October.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Reclaim 13.

Sunshine Gospel Ministries (SGM) is headquartered in Woodlawn on the south side of Chicago. SGM is a vibrant,100 year old ministry focused on youth ministry, neighborhood development and inner city/suburban partnerships.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: ​Pray for the many in-person student groups that are starting to re-gather this fall. Pray for their safety and their need for personal connection.

Talent: Many different ways to serve! CLICK HERE to learn about them.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Sunshine Gospel.

Caring Network is a pregnancy resource center that has been caring for women and families with unplanned pregnancies in the western suburbs of Chicago for 40 years. They offer a variety of confidential medical, emotional and spiritual services for all of their clients.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray that more will be educated about the negative impacts of abortion and the different options they have to choose life for them and their child.

Talent: Be a part of a Community Support group that counsels and cares for women who are considering abortion. Be a part of the fundraising efforts in establishing new Pregnancy Centers in the Chicagoland Area.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Caring Network.

Non-Financial Partners

More Questions about DuPage Pads?

Email Libby Kincanon


More Questions about Administer Justice?

Email Todd Zastrow

PADS of DuPage County serves the homeless in our community. With their programs and resources, they are fighting to end homelessness.  They also provide food and shelter to help singles and families establish healthy life patterns as they are going through crisis.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray that more buildings would be open in DuPage county for overnight stays.

Talent: Provide the various food elements to a meal once or twice a month with our church team. Serve meals to the homeless in our community and build relationships with them. 

Treasure: Click Here to give to DuPage Pads.

Administer Justice (AJ) provides legal help for those who are unable to afford a lawyer when they have been abused or a crime has been committed against them. Creating a Justice Center within our church is an opportunity for our church to provide a space, resources and lawyers to help those in our community who are going through this difficult season in their lives.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time: Pray that people would find the legal help they need through AJ.

Talent: We are hoping to become a justice center in our community.  We will need lawyers, Spanish translators, prayer warriors, intake specialists and hosts. Training will be provided and the approximate time commitment would be one Saturday morning per month.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Administer Justice

The Hinsdale Chinese Christian Church (HCCC) was founded in 2014. HCCC is a church for the Chinese American residents of the Chicago western suburbs. Their mission is introduce Chinese immigrants to Jesus, connection to His Church, lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip them for their ministry in the church and in the world!


Sunday Gathering: (2:30pm - 4:30pm) Worship (In Mandarin): In the Student Center at the Christian Church of Clarendon Hills. AWANA kids club, Sunday School, and Youth ESL Classes are available for kids and students.

How you can get involved with your Three T's:

Time and TalentSupport The HCCC as the meet for the first time in person on Sunday, August 29th. Email Pastor Wang to learn more.

Treasure: Click Here to give to Hinsdale Chinese Christian Church.


Looking to find a place to connect through service at CCCH? Each of these ministries provides a place to volunteer with others while serving God and making a difference. Want to get involved?


We have several LOCAL ministries that need your help! See where you can come alongside of our LOCAL ministry partners and be a part of their unique mission that is impacting our community!


There are many organizations that we partner with across the United States. See how you can get involved in spreading and sharing the love of Jesus NATIONALLY!


We support important international missions that are close to our hearts and are changing the GLOBAL landscape for Jesus! See how you can offer support to these amazing groups and individuals.

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